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There has been a tremendous amount of media speculation about an incident which took place on January 22, 2011 at a Venice, California jewelry store named Kamofie and Company.

As a result of the incident, actress Lindsay Lohan has been charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for alleged felony theft of a diamond necklace.

Speculation as to what occurred that day has been the subject of intense rumor in the media and elsewhere. Many individuals want to be able to see the video streams from the jewelry store’s surveillance cameras, and we have obtained the exclusive license for them.

The tapes speak for themselves.

We plan to release the video streams at this site shortly. Please stay tuned for more information and bookmark this site.

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By agreement with the Associated Press, members of the press may contact AP Images at www.apimages.com should you wish to acquire the rights to publish any of the content of the security camera video for news reporting purposes.


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